Many highly capable professionals harbor doubts about the quality of their writing but have neither the time to take a writing class.  After a long work day, few want to travel to an evening class or use up their weekends at a computer. Even so, they simply don’t want to question their grammar or punctuation anymore, or that they want the syntactical control to express their ideas more concisely.

The best solution is to work one-to-one with a professional writing coach.

Louisa’s Method:
“As a writing coach, I meet with you individually. My approach focuses on syntax/how sentences are put together. Instead of relying on your speaking habits to shape your writing, you can become aware of all the syntactical options available to you. with practice, you can have a more sophisticated set of tools for expression.  In many ways, the syntax is no different from code such as HTML or Java.  Once you know the earmarks and functions of each “tag,” you can string them together in countless ways.”

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