Louisa and John

Online tutoring allows Louisa

to work with distant clients through a combination of Skype (or Mac Facetime), interactive writing websites, and Google docs.  Skype allows  for ongoing conversation while both parties look at and discuss the same online set of exercises.  Google docs allows both parties to work on a document together, or for Louisa to write out quick examples as she might on a white board in front of a class.

When working face-to-face isn’t possible because a client isn’t located in the Seattle area, online tutoring comes in as a close second.  Ideally, you and Louisa can meet in person initially to establish a connection, but even if that isn’t possible, the online environment can be friendly and fun! Whether you’d like to work on English as a second language or sharpen your memo writing skills in a corporate environment, Louisa can tailor lessons to suit your needs and bring them into your own home or office via the internet.

Contact Louisa today to inquire or set up an initial Skype chat.