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How can you find a truly qualified dissertation editor for your dissertation? To be able to work with academic writing, a dissertation editor needs skills that far exceed those of your average copy editor. As a doctoral candidate, you need an editor who is also an intelligent and insightful reader, one able to follow and perhaps even scrutinize your thought process. If you want an editor to go beyond catching errors to actually clarify and improve your expression, you need one who understands the ideas you’re putting forth. For this reason, you should seek out an academic editor with exposure to a wide breadth of disciplines.

Louisa Peck’s Vassar College education included not only a BA in English with honors, but also a minor in Philosophy as well as studies in Economics, Psychology, Chemistry, Art, Dance, and History. As a graduate student at the University of Washington, she studied Critical Theory as well as more in-depth philosophy. Later, during her four years of teaching Technical Writing for Computing Professionals, she became fluent in the terminology used to reference software programs and computing hardware. Finally, as Director of the UW’s English Department Writing Center, Louisa Peck taught a 400-level course in Writing Pedagogy, which familiarized her with many topics essential to the field of Education.

Louisa has edited dissertations both locally and remotely in a variety of fields ranging from Music to Political Science to American History, Education, Chinese Literature, and Medicine. For Ph.D. candidates at various stages of drafting and revising their dissertation, it makes great sense to work with a high caliber dissertation editing service such as Louisa Peck’s.