Louisa and John

Whether you intend to publish

your dissertation or not, it is a highly public document that you’ll submit to a critical audience toward a prestigious degree. It should showcase your ideas so that readers will understand and appreciate them readily. Unfortunately, when we immerse ourselves deeply in research to create such a document, we often lose sight of how our work reads to others. This is where a dissertation editor comes in, to not only proofread, but to make sure your organizational structure and individual sentences lay out your argument as clearly as possible.

I do not have to be an expert in your field in order to bring clarity to your work. I recently edited a Political Science dissertation in the field of Public Law, which went on to win a prestigious national award. (See testimonials for the writer’s comments.)

In general editing

I adjust my focus and method to whatever your needs and preferences dictate. If you want only proofreading, I can supply that. Conversely, if you want a critique and readerly feedback, I can also offer you that. Or we can work together, sometimes meeting in person, sometimes exchanging drafts and comments via email, to perfect your document collaboratively.

Whether it’s a graduate school personal essay, a book, or a short story, I can assist anywhere in the process, from helping you to re-see your draft with heightened insights to ensuring that you have not misused any semicolons along the way.