Louisa and John

Businesses Writing Workshops

offer a quick, efficient way to upgrade writing skills and effectiveness among your employees. Virtually every activity in a business is impacted by how well its people communicate both within and outside the organization.  As email and texting edge out voicemail as the most efficient way to exchange information, clear written expression becomes more important than ever.

My one- and two-hour writing workshop can improve the skills of all employees for clearer messages, memos, reports, and formal correspondence. How do we compose strong, clear sentences? What are the criteria strong writers use to spot-revise their texts?

I can present in whatever way best suits your needs – via Powerpoint and whiteboard and/or a shared Googledocs, providing participants with practice exercises in Word.

  • Louisa gave a presentation entitled “Effective Email Communication” at our company meeting. She was very flexible and helpful in working with me to tailor this presentation to our needs, and was a very engaging speaker. Somehow she managed to keep a roomful of construction guys interested in the finer points of writing emails (not an easy task I assure you). I highly recommend her.    – AIRTEST Co., Inc.


Sample Workshop Syllabus


Overview: Developing Effective Writing Structure and Style


1.     Overt Organization (sequence serves import)

a.    Employing a bottom line & support structure

b.    Establishing clear transitions / relationships

c.    Achieving cohesion and coherence

c.    Using breaks and white space

2.      Conciseness (wording works efficiently)

a.    Choosing strong verbs (who does what?)

b.    Cutting clutter

c.    Combining related ideas in compound/complex sentences

3.      Clarity (meaning is apparent)

a.    Maintaining parallelism

b.    Eliminating vague pronouns (it, this)

c.    Locating modifiers close to what they modify