Louisa and John

Private Writing Tutor or English Class? Which is a better fit?

I taught college English classes for many years at several community colleges in the Seattle area.  I can tell you that a classroom teacher is responsible for leaving no student behind, which means lessons must be basic enough to make sense to the weakest writers in the class.

But what if you’re a professional with fairly strong writing skills who has weak spots in your writing knowledge?  Do you take writing lessons or classes aimed at beginners or intermediates?  For many professionals and students who need writing help, most of the writing instruction in such classes will prove a waste of time and money.  Beginning classes might cover what you know already; intermediate classes may assume knowledge of exactly what you missed in high school.  What you want is writing help that addresses your specific issues, whether you’re a non-native looking for ESL coaching or a smooth native speaker in need of grammar lessons.

I have the expertise to adjust to any writer’s needs.  With each new client, I ask for writing samples that reflect their current abilities.  Based on these, I design a specialized program that offers writing help in specific areas of deficit.  As we continue to work together, new problems may surface.  We zoom in on these immediately, on demand, rather than being tethered to a class syllabus.  You learn more quickly by focusing on those areas where you, as an individual, need clarification and practice.